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Business consulting that suit your needs


Sartine by Brealex provides data-driven campaigning, brand crisis and marketing services. Sartine offers data analytics, targeted marketing, political road map and market research services. Sartine combines 40 million audience, predictive data analytics, behavioral sciences, and advertising technology with strategic communication for the electoral process and brand amplification.

SARTINE is a company that offers Online Reputation Management services and services to businesses and political parties who want to “change audience behavior”. We analyse huge amounts of consumer data and combine that with behavioural science to identify people who organisations can target with marketing material. It collects data from a wide range of sources.


Offers end-to-end banking services to financial institutions operating in the retail, corporate, investment and wealth management spaces.

From core banking transformations to enterprise applications, we deliver solutions that are centered around technology, integration and business operations to reduce your time to market and keep you ahead. We achieve this through a combination of business consulting, risk management and technology expertise; deep customer insights; and partnerships with first-class accredited solution providers around the world.


INFLUENCE360 (i360): The digital marketing technology arm of
Synergy360 / BAX Technology
It’s a premier digital influencer marketing platform that captures the right audience for your business’ brands to refine and improve its influence and steer awareness towards your brand.

(a) Digital Health Check / Diagnostics: Review your digital marketing presence and strategy to provide you an improved digital marketing blueprint for your brand.
(b) Content Management: Create your brand's digital content on an agreed
schedule or as a one-off (advertising) campaign - may it be an ad, a story
and a video.
(c) Brand Monitoring and Awareness: Shape conversations and drive
awareness towards your brand through our diverse pages and
communities and social listening tool.

360 "T360"

The executive search group that
manages local and international placement for mid-level, senior and
executive role.

(b) Technology Staffing
(b) Recruitment Process
(c) Managed Services


Apart from the out of the box solutions provided by our technology partner, JMR Infotech, we understand that various business requirements of some organizations can only be accommodated through custom made applications / software. Having said that, we also have our own in house developers who can design a software and create an application rightfully fitted to your business requirements.

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